Iberian salchichón is one of the most popular cold meats in the Iberian world.

It is defined as a sausage made with meat and fat, generally pork, although it can also be made with meat and fat from other animals, with a degree of mincing, coarse or fine, subjected to a salting process. Pepper is added as a characterising ingredient, although other spices, seasonings, ingredients, and additives may be added. They are kneaded and stuffed into natural casings or artificial casings and subjected to a curing-maturing process, with or without fermentation, and optionally smoked, which gives them a typical aroma and flavour.

Iberian cured meats can only be found, as their name indicates, on the Iberian Peninsula.

In order to be considered ‘Iberian cold meat’ it is essential that the pig is at least 50% Iberian breed, and it will be of better quality depending on the increase of the pig’s racial purity. The difference in quality between ’embutido’ and ’embutido ibérico’ is indisputable.

Moreover, the quality of Iberian cured meats lies in the way the pigs are reared and treated during their lifetime, always from a traditional and natural approach, respecting the optimal conditions for the animal’s development.

The distinction of the Salchichon Iberico

Having classified the Iberian breed of pig and, in turn, the product, it is important to assess the quality of the animal’s life. The “surname” of acorn not only responds to the type of food on which the pig’s diet is based, the acorn, but also its lifestyle. The free-range rearing and natural feeding favours the exercise and freedom of movement of the pigs, which translates into a unique product of the highest quality.

Juan Pedro Domecq 100% acorn-fed Salchichon de bellota 

Unlike most of the industries in the sector, we raise the pigs with which we make our hams and cold meats, controlling the entire production process. That is to say, we do not buy meat from third parties to make our cold meats, but we use meat from our own pigs, reared by Juan Pedro Domecq since birth, a guarantee of the highest quality. A tradition and know-how of many years that have given rise to our own, different Iberian livestock: 100% Iberian mamellado, lampiño. We breed unique pigs, far beyond what is required by the quality standards for the top of the range, the “100% Iberian acorn-fed pig”.

Our pigs are not only “de bellota”: as opposed to the 2 months of free-range rearing and feeding on acorns, which the regulations require in order to be called of this quality, at Juan Pedro Domecq we go further: the pigs are reared free-range in the dehesa for almost 18 months (from the time they are piglets), and 4 of these months are spent in montaneras, chosen for their quality.

What makes our salchichon de bellota different?

At Juan Pedro Domecq we advocate tradition and traditional processes, which translates into products of the highest quality.

Juan Pedro Domecq cold meats are made with a unique meat: from a very special pig, of the Mamellada-Lampiña breed, 100% Iberian, reared by us as farmers, which gives the maximum guarantee of quality in the raw material.

The meat of the 100% Iberian acorn-fed pig is of exceptional quality, and as it is an animal with very high production costs, most of the industrialists in the sector do not make sausages with this type of meat, resorting to others of lesser quality, in terms of breed (50% Iberian) and in terms of feed, the most common being the use of fattened meat.

Secondly, there is the production formula: as we mentioned in the introduction, Iberian salchichón is made with Iberian meat, to which fat is normally added, whether from pork or other animals.

However, our salchichón is made only with the lean parts of our 100% Iberian acorn-fed pig, with no added fat. That is to say, our salchichón only contains the fat infiltrated in the lean meat itself, a fat like that of the 100% Iberian acorn-fed ham, composed fundamentally of oleic acid from the acorn-based diet, a fat not only with an incomparable flavour, but also a healthy fat.

Buy your salchichon de bellota

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You can find the salchichón in different formats: In pieces, if you want to enjoy it day by day, or sliced, available in packs of 80 pieces.