The acorn-fed Iberian shoulder is the front leg of the acorn-fed Iberian pig, which therefore has the same 100% Iberian character, the same origin and the same production process as the star product of the 100% acorn-fed Iberian pig, the ham, which is the back leg.

At Juan Pedro Domecq we care for and pamper our acorn-fed Iberian shoulders, like the excellent product that they are, just like our hams. Two high quality products, with different flavours: the acorn-fed Iberian shoulder is always more intense and powerful in its flavour, and the ham is milder and more nuanced.

Juan Pedro Domecq offers you 100% acorn-fed Iberian shoulder in different formats to suit the tastes and needs of any customer:

  • piece of acorn-fed Iberian shoulder: the classic format, a whole leg to cut, with an average weight of between 4 and 5.5 kg.
  • Boneless Iberian shoulder: a step further, a whole shoulder from which the bones have been removed to facilitate slicing by machine. It is vacuum-packed in packages weighing between 2 and 2.8 kg.
  • Sliced Iberian shoulder: sliced by hand or by machine in convenient vacuum-packed packets, for individual consumption, ready to serve!

At Juan Pedro Domecq we are experts in Iberian shoulder pieces, and we are going to tell you why:

  • Because of the peculiarity of the type of Iberian breed we use: the lampiño mamellado pig. At Juan Pedro Domecq we have our own livestock, based on genetic selection, in search of the animals that then give the highest quality to our 100% Iberian acorn-fed hams and shoulders.These lampiños mamellados pigs, an almost extinct breed within the Iberian pigs, are characterised by their morphology (small pigs with slender limbs), and by their great capacity for fat infiltration (which means that this fat, which gives the product its characteristic flavour, infiltrates the muscles, especially the pig’s legs and hands).
  • Because they have been reared in the wild since they were piglets: At Juan Pedro Domecq we do not breed pigs in industrial sheds that then only go out into the countryside to spend two months in the pasture and thus be classified as “acorn-fed”. The pigs, from the time they are piglets, are raised free in the pasture, exercising, and making the most of the natural feed, which will give their meat a unique flavour of the countryside and freedom.
  • Because of its 100% artisan curing, we take advantage of the special climatic characteristics of an area famous for its excellent ham, the mountains around the village of Jabugo, which gives its name to the D.O. to which we belong, to continue using artisan drying techniques. Tradition in its purest form.

Whole Iberico Shoulder-Ham 

The whole Iberian shoulder is a great option to enjoy the taste of 100% acorn-fed Iberian ham at home, but in its best presentation, freshly sliced!

Being considerably smaller than ham (the shoulder usually weighs between 4 and 5.5 kg, compared to 6.5 to 8 kg for ham), it is very well suited to home consumption. For a small event or a daily consumption at home of at least one dish a day, it is a luxury option. Of course, we will have to learn how to cut it! Always bear in mind that shoulder ham is more difficult to cut than ham, and its meat yield is lower, as it has a higher percentage of bone and fat.

The first thing you will need to be able to make a good cut is to get the necessary tools: a good ham stand that supports the ham in a stable and safe way, and at least two different knives: a strong knife to open the ham and peel the rind and the outer fat, and a ham knife, long, flexible, and very sharp, that allows you to cut thin, almost transparent slices.

Consult our website to buy the necessary utensils if you don’t have them at home. Keep the Iberian shoulder in a cool, dry place. Remember to cover your acorn-fed Iberian shoulder with some slices of the bacon that you have obtained when you start cutting and cleaning the piece, and with a cloth. This way you will optimise its preservation in the best conditions.

You will see that this whole Iberian shoulder is always a meeting and reunion point in the family!

Boneless Iberico Shoulder-Ham 

The boneless Iberian shoulder is a product that has been very popular in the world of catering and export.

It is very easy to handle and cut, as it is presented as a boneless piece, ready to be sliced by machine, quickly and accurately. Our slicers prepare the 100% Iberian acorn-fed pork shoulders in this format, cleaning them of the rind and outer fat and removing the bones, and then pressing and vacuum-packing them.

They are the ideal format for machine slicing, so for domestic consumption you would have to have a slicing machine to get the most out of them. In gourmet shops, caterings and even restaurants, they are a solution that allows you to make the most of the shoulder with minimum waste.

This product has also been very successful for export, as outside Spain the culture of ham slicing is still unknown in most places. On the other hand, this format adapts to the consumption techniques of cold meats of other origins and allows a great use, obtaining thin slices that are similar to each other.

Get your iberian shoulder ham with the best quality 

If you want to try this special product, get your Iberian shoulder with the highest quality on our website: and enjoy our Iberian shoulder at home, a real gastronomic experience!