100% Iberico Bellota Loin, sliced


  • 100% Iberico Bellota Loin
  • From 100% Iberico mamellado-lampiño pigs
  • Bred free roaming in the Dehesa
  • Cured artisanally for 6 months
  • Weight: 80gr.


The 100% Iberico Bellota cured loin is one of the most valued cuts of the pig in Spain. Its texture and aroma make it a favourite for foodies. This piece comes from a muscle located below the ribs, near the backbone.

Our pigs are 100% purebred Iberico, mamellado-ampiño breed, the best Iberico variety for the manufacture of 100% Iberico Bellota hams and cured meats. These pigs are raised free roaming in the midst of our Dehesa (acorn woods), feeding mainly on natural products, specially the acorn for a long 4 month “Montanera” season.

Our cured loin is prepared with our centuries’ old traditional recipe and cured for a 6 month period in our drying cellars in the Jabugo area.

Its fantastic quality has obtained the recognition of the UK Great Taste Award, that gave this product a Two Star gold award in 2014.