Acorn-fed 100% Iberico Presa, sliced


  • Acorn-fed 100% Iberico Presa
  • Vaccum packaged
  • From a 100% iberico mamellado-lampiño pork
  • Bred free roaming in the “Dehesa”
  • Weight: 80gr.


The “presa” is a true jewel in the Iberico range, yet to be discovered by most! A delicate piece with the perfect balance between meat and fat, with a strong taste and aroma. True delicatessen for the most demanding palates!

It is made of a single meat piece (not a mixture as in chorizo or salchichon), named “presa ”, considered one of the juiciest and best quality cuts in the pig. Each animal has only two of these pieces, that weight , approx. 300 gr. each. The presas are cured for approx. 6 months in the drying cellars.

The “presa” is probably best known in Spanish cuisine in its cooked version, greatly appreciated by chefs. But the cured piece is really one of the tastiest in the cold meat range. Externally, it looks a lot like a loin, thus its popular name of “presa” (little loin), although it’s a totally different piece, much smaller never exceeding 500gr.

Coming only from 100% purebred Iberico pigs, Mamellado-Lampiño breed, the best Iberico variety in our opinion for the manufacture of hams and cured meats. These pigs are raised free roaming in our ranches, in the midst of the Spanish Dehesa (acorn woods), feeding mainly on natural products, specially the “bellota” for a long 4 month “Montanera” season.

Storage conditions

  • Keep in dry unheated room, protected from the direct light.
  • Vacuum packaging must be kept in refrigerator (5 to 10ºC)

Best-before date: 

  • 12 months (see packaging)

Shipping Cost

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