100% Iberico Bellota Chorizo, sliced


  • 100% Iberico Bellota Chorizo
  • From 100% Ibérico mamellado-lampiño pigs
  • Bred free roaming in the Dehesa
  • Cured artisanally for 4 months
  • Weight: 80gr.


One of the most traditional products from Spain, transformed into a true delicatessen!

The 100% Iberico Bellota Chorizo is a product manufactured with great quality Iberico pig meat, selected exclusively for this purpose. The secret of its quality is in the meat, which is simply flavored with paprika and spices, according to the traditional recipes of the Jabugo area.

The selection of the meat used in our chorizo, coming from our own 100% Iberico Bellota pigs, is supervised by our Maestro Jamonero, personally at the slaughterhouse. Only the best quality 100% Iberico Bellota meat is employed: it’s the fat infiltration in the same meat, that gives the chorizo its special texture, without any added fats of other origin (which is the usual procedure in the  industry).

This is the key to the quality and the taste of our chorizo, unique in the market! And bear in mind if you’re worried about health, that the fat in 100% Iberico pigs is mainly oleic acid, the same as in olive oil, so you’re actually before quite a healthy product!

After 4 months drying in our cellars, in the Jabugo area the chorizo is ready to eat.

If you want to enjoy the healthiest chorizo, with a wonderful taste, try our 100% Ibérico Bellota chorizo!


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Storage conditions

  • Keep in dry unheated room, protected from the direct light.
  • Keep 0 to 7ºC

Best-before date: 

  • 12 months (see packaging)