100% Ibérico Bellota Ham



  • 100% Iberico Bellota Ham
  • From a 100% Iberico mamellado-lampiño pork
  • Bred free roaming in the “Dehesa”
  • Cured artisinally an average of 42 months
  • Weight: 6,5kg-7,5kg or 7,5kg-8,5kg


Great taste Award 2015





2014 100% Iberico Bellota Ham is the king of Spanish gastronomy and also of our product range.

Made from 100% pure Iberico pigs, lampiño breed, selected by our founder, after serious genetic studies, as the best for making Iberico ham. The pigs live free roaming in the Dehesa (Acorn woods), feeding on natural products, specially the acorn, which is their main food during almost 4 months of “Montanera” (acorn season) that they enjoy, prior to slaughter.

The making of this ham is totally artisanal. The hams are cured for an average period of 42 months in our drying cellars in the Sierra de Huelva area.  Constant follow-up of every piece helps to guarantee the quality and consistency of our hams.

The weight of Bellota 100% Iberico Ham ranges between 6kg to 8,5kg, so our clients can choose the size of the ham that suits them best.

In 2020 our Bellota 100% Iberico Ham has obtained the “Golden Fork” awarded by the Guild of Fine Foods, as “Best Charcuterie Product of the year”, after being selected inside the so called ” Top 50” gourmet products of the year by the U.K.Great Taste Awards, that previously marked it with a “3 star” GTA award.  This Golden Fork is the third “Oscar” that goes to our ham, after winning in 2014 in the category “Best Charcuterie Product of the year” and in 2012 in the category ” Best speciality imported product “. In addition, we must point out that for the fith year  our 100% Iberico Bellota ham has obtained a 3 Star GTA award, maximum punctuation granted by the “Guild of Fine Foods “, which gives proof to its excellent and consistent quality.

In the past decade our company has established itself as an outstanding quality provider in the Iberico industry. Our products can be found throughout the world in 5 Star Hotels, Michelin star Restaurants and the best gourmet shops.


Storage conditions

  • Keep in dry unheated room, protected from the direct light.
  • Vacuum packaging must be kept in refrigerator (5 to 10ºC)

Best-before date: 

  • Piece: 12 months
  • Vaccum packed: 6 months

Shipping Cost

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Video - How to slice a ham

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