Traditional Hamper


  • 2 packs of sliced 100% Iberico Bellota  Ham (80gr. each)
  • 2 packs of sliced 100% Iberico  Bellota Loin (80gr. each)
  • 1  100% Iberico Bellota Chorizo (approx. 420gr.)
  • 1 Bottle of red wine: Vino Viña Real Reserva (Cvne)


You`ve been invited by some friends to spend the weekend, and you don’t know how to thank them? Take our Traditional Hamper, and you’ll surely be invited again!

It’s nearly impossible to find someone that doesn’t like 100% Iberico ham, add some cold meats of the best quality and a good bottle of Spanish reserve red wine Viña Real (Cvne) and you’ll get a very enthusiastic reception! You’ll have a first quality cold dinner set out in a second! And absolutely delicious…

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