Iberian ham is now one of the most internationally recognised luxury products, the calling card of Spanish gastronomy all over the world. The foreign public, as well as the Spanish public, is becoming more and more familiar with this product and is demanding more and more, relying on the new Iberian ham regulations to differentiate the different qualities.

In order to be able to label a ham as acorn-fed and Iberian, the pieces must meet the corresponding breed requirements, specifying in all cases the percentage of Iberian breed of pig (50, 75 or 100), feed (it can only be called “acorn-fed” if it meets the requirements of acorn-fed, free-range, during the montanera phase, lasting at least 2 months before slaughter) and curing (at least 24 months in the case of 100% Iberian). And a public that is increasingly aware of all these details is becoming more and more demanding of acorn-fed Iberian ham.

This greater knowledge, both nationally and internationally, has led to important changes in labelling, presentation, and formats.

Changes in the consumption habits of Spaniards, who have wanted to incorporate this luxury product into their daily lives, no longer being a product only for festive occasions, and exports, have led to a change in sales formats over the last few decades. 

From the classic format of the whole leg, we have moved increasingly towards the consumption of sliced pieces, sliced by knife or by machine, after boning.

The sliced version of Iberian ham has become one of the main attractions of the ham industry for export and for sale to the end user.

The cutting of ham is practically an art in our Mediterranean culture and even more so the cutting of 100% Iberian acorn-fed ham, around which even schools of cutters, competitions, etc. have arisen. 

Knife cutting represents the perfect culmination in the process of bringing 100% Iberian acorn-fed ham of the highest quality to the end consumer. 

H2: Our sliced Iberian Hams

At Juan Pedro Domecq, we seek the highest quality at all stages and ingredients in the production of our 100% Iberian acorn-fed ham: in addition to selecting the best raw material, the 100% Iberian suckling pig, which we raise from birth; we cure the ham following traditional, artisan techniques, giving each piece its own time (our ham is cured for an average of 42 months) and finally, we slice our hams with a knife to offer the best sliced Iberian ham.

At Juan Pedro Domecq, we only offer ham sliced by knife, the traditional cut, of the highest quality.

Hand slicing may be thought to produce more irregular slices, but the knife ensures that all the intrinsic characteristics and properties of the product are respected, without altering them. This is a key factor, as the cut in no case can modify the flavour or texture of the slice. For this reason, this hand and knife cutting, far from not harming the quality of the product, gives it an added value: the way it is cut gives more juiciness and aroma to the final product.

This is why Juan Pedro Domecq offers its 100% Iberian acorn-fed ham cut by hand and knife, vacuum-packed in top quality plastic, in convenient packs of 80 gr. This format is easy to present and enjoy, as it allows us to avoid the complexities of cutting at home and brings the expertise and know-how of professional cutters directly to our table. 

These packs are perfect if we are not going to consume a large quantity of ham in a short time, or if we want to adapt the consumption to only one or two people, preventing it from drying out or losing its original quality.

The vacuum packs preserve the slices and prevent them from deteriorating over time, with a best-before date of many months after slicing if we follow the conservation recommendations included in the pack.

H2: Specialists in knife-cut Iberian Ham

Our master slicers know the pieces to perfection, their morphology and their characteristics, so that they can get the most out of each piece. A knowledge and practice that lead us to offer the best of this product. At Juan Pedro Domecq we are specialists in 100% Iberian acorn-fed ham and in cutting it, with a team of cutters made up of great professionals who have been working with us for years with the aim of offering our customers the most convenient format and the highest quality. 

They are true “master cutters”, almost “sculptors” of the Iberian leg, specialists in cutting the ham from start to finish, extracting slices from the leg one by one, with precision and subtlety: perfect slices that become a mouthful of excellence for the most gourmet palates.

H3: Dedication and quality in hand-cutting

For all the above, the packs of hand-sliced 100% Iberian acorn-fed ham from Juan Pedro Domecq give added value to the product, not only because of the ease of consumption, but also because of its high quality.

H2: Buy the hand-sliced ham in vacuum packs

A versatile format to adapt to any individual consumption, without the product drying out or losing its quality.  

Visit our website www.jamonesjuanpedrodomecq.com and enjoy the best 100% Iberian acorn-fed ham in a very simple way, in 80g vacuum-packed packets.