A Unique Race

Lampiño Mamellado pigs

A unique almost extinct breed selected by the founder as the best for the manufacture of Iberian acorn-fed ham for its ability to convert acorns and infiltrate fat.
A breed that is characterized by small size pigs, hairless (without hair), dark coloration, thin leg, and having mamellas (fleshy appendix in the front of the neck).

Own livestock. Limited production.

Our farm. Our pasture. Our 100% Iberian free range pigs.

The pigs are born in our farm located inside the Cortijo of Lo Alvaro, our family home, under the care of Vicente y Claro, our swineherds. This allows us to guarantee our commitment to production: only 100% Iberian acorn fed products (100% Iberian mother and father).
Our production is limited to 3,000 pigs per year, a limit that allows us to maintain total control at all times.


Our pigs live in freedom in large areas of meadow from birth until slaughter.
This allows them to enjoy two seasons in the mountains throughout their lives, 4 months each time, almost twice the time of mountain period that there is required in order to qualify as an acorn fed ham (60 days). They are slaughtered with an average age of 22 months, well above the 14 months required by the quality standard.

This is reflected in a more intense aroma and flavor.


“A slow burner”

Each stage takes place at the optimum moment.

Thorough monitoring the process of each product and long periods of freedom in the meadow, which are much higher than those required by law. Production limited to just 3,000 100% Iberian Lampiño-Marmellado pigs per year.


Gastronomía y Cultura

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