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The Oscars of the food world: the Great Taste Awards, the annual haute cuisine contest organized by The Guild of Fine Food in London.

Great Taste Award 2012

“Best Iberico acorn-fed Ham”

Great Taste Award 2013

“Best Iberico acorn-fed Ham”

Great Taste Award 2014

“Best Iberico acorn-fed Ham”

Great Taste Award 2015

“Best Iberico acorn-fed Ham”

Great Taste Award 2020

“Best Iberico acorn-fed Ham”


  • The best raw material: «acorn-fed, 100% Iberian»
  • Limited production, quality guaranteed
  • We raise these pigs on our farm: an unusual and much needed practice to ensure the best quality

Centuries of History and Tradition

In 2019 our products can be found in China, Mexico, Australia, Singapore, Thailand or the Caribbean and throughout the entire European Union. We hope to continue expanding our borders, too.
The fifth generation of highest quality breeders and entrepreneurs is still represented by the Domecq family: Juan Pedro, Teresa and Isabel.

Gastronomy and Curiosities

Gastronomy news, events and curiosities about the universe of gourmet ham

Pata Negra

What does the expression “Pata Negra” mean? Traditionally Pata Negra is a term used to refer to the color of Iberian Pig’s leg, but is not an expression that conforms to reality, since not all Iberian pigs are black. Yes, that is true! There are some breeds that have...

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Iberico chorizo

Iberico chorizo is without a doubt the best well known cold meat coming from the iberico pig, not only in Spain but also worldwide. It is a cold meat made out of lean meat from the iberico pig as well as carefully selected fat from the same animal. The first step in...

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Countryside Management

The Dehesa understood as a natural environment is an open forest populated by trees such as oaks and Holm oaks, and in its lower layer by grassland or scrub. It is a Mediterranean ecosystem. “a type of pasture with scattered trees of evergreen and deciduous oaks...”...

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Gastronomía y Cultura

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