Family heritage

Wine and livestock tradition since 1730. Originally, the Domecq family was one of the main winery families in the country.



In 1730 the Domecq family arrives in Spain. A surname that is closely related to the production of high-quality food and wines, such as sherry and brandies. A knowledge that has transcended from parents to children. Always accompanied by his second passion, the raising of animals in freedom, such as 100% Iberian pigs.

In 1970 Juan Pedro Domecq Solís began breeding 100% Iberian pigs on his Sevillian farm in Lo Álvaro. In an ambitious search to create the most exquisite ham, Juan Pedro relied on different studies carried out in collaboration with various Spanish universities. The result is found in a unique variety: the 100% Iberian hairless-marmelled pig.

In the year 2000, with the support of his son Juan Pedro Domecq Morenés, he launched a product of excellent quality, having all the experience in raising 100% Iberian pigs behind him.

In 2019 we can find our products from China, to Mexico, Australia, Singapore, Thailand or the Caribbean, passing through the entire European Union and we hope to continue expanding borders.


Our own farmin and limited production

100% Iberico Mamellado-lampiño breed

Our own farming and limited production

"De Bellota", Natural feeding

Free raised

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Artisanal production, a slow and meticulous process.

Salting, Curing, Testing. Trades as old
as 100% Iberico Bellota ham. A knowledge that
is passed down from generation to generation

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The iron of Veragua, since the 18th century

The image linked to our products is that of the iron from Veragua, a crowned shield, with the V inside, which dates back to 1790 and has been owned by the family for more than 80 years.
Our logo is linked to the long family livestock tradition, started by Mr. Juan Pedro Domecq Nuñez de Villavicencio, great-grandfather of the current owners of the company.

Our origins date back to the 1970s with the raising of 100% Iberian pigs by D. Juan Pedro Domecq Solís, who later sold them to the ham companies in Jabugo. It will not be until the year 2000 when Domecq Solís, together with his son Juan Pedro Domecq Morenés, decide to launch the commercial side of the company, creating it as an independent entity within the family group.

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