Salting, Curing, Testing.

Trades as old as 100% Iberico Bellota ham. A knowledge that is passed down from generation to generation.

SALTING This is the frst phase in our production process. An especially sensitive task, as it will give the ham the quality of favor that makes this excellent raw produce into an exceptional product. For this we count on Juan José, our Master Salter, who has spent his entire life amongst ham and salt, an experience that allows him to indulge every one of our products as it deserves.

CURING AND TESTING This is a totally artisanal process, in which every leg is treated as a unique and unrepeatable product. Daniel, our Master Ham-Maker (Maestro Jamonero), supervises the curing of every leg, all along the long drying process. The curing takes an average of 42 months and can go up to 60. It is essential to choose the optimum curing moment of each piece, assesing them one by one, before they’re sent to the market. To this end, the fnal step is the “cala”: we puncture the ham with a cow´s bone and evaluate its aroma. In Daniel`s hands the fnal test for the highest quality ham.

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